Ralston Courtyard Apartments

Location: Ventura, CA
Architect: Carl Schneider, AIA
Client: The Towbes Group
Project Budget: Over $10 million
Size: 108 units, 30 du, approx. 98,000 s.f.

Set on a small in-fill lot in Ventura, this 108-unit apartment complex creates a quite reprieve in a central downtown setting. A short walking distance to both shopping and offices, it is in an ideal location for small town urban living.

The units are focused around two courtyards, each with its own unique character that is enhanced by the surrounding architectural character of the buildings. The eastern courtyard reveals details harkening back to the Craftsman era, with shingled facades and dual wooden posts supporting second floor decks. Common use areas invite the residents to partake of the communal nature of the courtyards enhancing the neighborhood feel. The western courtyard picks up on the seaside character of the coastal town with braced hip roofs and open wood deck rails. Feeling the fresh ocean breeze, one can sit at a table sipping a morning coffee, reading the paper and chatting with friends.

The project achieves an amazing 30 units per acre, a goal not easily done with only 2-story forms, but it is the use of the courtyard spaces created between the buildings that give the project a friendly pedestrian oriented feel. Each unit has its own private outdoor space via either a ground level patio or a second floor deck. The residents also get use of the common open space within the project which contains a pool, spa, and BBQ area. The 2,500 square foot clubhouse includes a workout room and a full kitchen in the large gathering space for those special occasions.